Plant Growth Chambers

Plant Growth Chambers

The trusted brand among user scientists , now ORBITEK ® GC Plant Growth Chambers are available with lot of innovative features added.

ORBITEK ® GC meets wide-ranging requirements in plant growth and related research.


ORBITEK ® Plant Growth Chambers with adjustable and slide out shelving arrangements, gentle air flow, precisely controlled humidity make the chamber ideal for Plant growth, Arabidopsis, Tissue culture studies.

These reach-in chambers are available in two capacities: 350 Litres and 600 Litres.

ORBITEK ® Plant growth chambers are user friendly, allowing researchers to access samples and observe the growth.

  • Construction

    • Mirror – finished Stainless steel interior and coated steel exterior.
    • High grade Glass wool insulation ensures these chambers perform well under extreme climatic conditions.
    • Isolated shelving arrangements below light canopy ensures that the heat emitted from light source is not transferred to the plants.
  • Air – flow pattern

    • Distributed Air Handling System ( DAHS) effectively circulates the air gently , which is important for plant growth.
    • The energy efficient air circulation system mounted on the rear wall of the inner chamber ensures effective air circulation.
  • Temperature & Humidity

    • Finned stainless steel heaters withstands higher humidity levels assuring long life of heaters
    • The refrigeration system comprises thermal expansion valve(TEV) for efficient performance
    • Hermetically sealed reciprocal compressor with eco-friendly CFC free refrigerant
    • Uniquely designed VAP-GEN to introduce vapour into the chamber through channelled duct .
    • The dual mode feedback system enables VAP-GEN to respond quickly to Humidity changes.
    • VAP-GEN draws water from the top mounted reservoir and its level is controlled by automatic ball float system.
    • These maintenance free VAP-GEN are reliable to suit typical environmental conditions assuring maximum uptime of the unit.
    • The water condensates are fedback into the VAP-GEN ensures minimal water consumption.
  • Controls & Operation

    • User friendly touch sensitive operation through HMI (Human Machine Interface).
    • PLC controlled parameters for intelligent operation.
    • Large 7.5 Inches color LCD to monitor set parameters.
    • Dual type IP65 transmitters for temperature and humidity control.
    • Data logging facility.
  • Safety Features

    • Isolated power supply for HMI, for protecting against voltage surge.
    • Visual display to indicate functioning of various key components.
    • Thermal tripping to protect against run away heating of VAP-GEN heater.
ORBITEK ® GC – 350 L GC – 600 L
Cabinet External Coated Steel Coated Steel
Cabinet Internal White painted steel White painted steel
Internal Dimn (c.m) W 72 x D 50 x H 114 W80 x D60 X H125
Volume in Litres 350 600
No.of.shelves 3 3
Growth area/Shelf 0.3 m.sq 0.4 m.sq
Total growth area 0.9 m.sq 1.2 m.sq
Max.Growing height (cm) 24 24
Temp.range /Humidity OFF 5 to 60 deg C 5 to 60 deg C
Temp.range /Humidity ON 20 to 40 deg C 20 to 40 deg C
Temp. range/ lights ON 20 to 40 deg C 20 to 40 deg C
Temp.range / lights OFF 20 to 40 deg C 20 to 40 deg C
Humidity range 40 to 80 % RH 50 to 80 % RH
Light intensity 7000 lux 13000 lux
Air flow pattern Forced air circulation Forced air circulation
Light Bank Fluorescent/LED Fluorescent/LED
Insulation Fiber Glass Wool Fiber Glass Wool
Power requirements 16A x 2 , 6A x 1 16A x 3 , 6A x 1
Power consumption 4500 W 7750 W
Refrigeration CFC free R134a refrigerant CFC free R134a refrigerant
Optional UV lamp Yes Yes
+ -

Customer Speaks

I appreciate SCIGENICS BIOTECH’s success in manufacturing these kind of Plant growth chambers at an affordable cost , which performs well in typical Indian laboratory conditions.

Dr.L.B.Singha- Senior Professor
NERIST – Arunachal Pradesh